Top your Wedding in Tulle!

Tulle Netting is a common fabric for weddings, from dresses to decorations. Today we want to show you some unique uses and accents created from a simple tulle base. It’s an affordable fabric to layer, drape, and accessorize every inch of your wedding with!

Here pink tulle creates sashes over chairs. It adds fantastic color to the aisle. Carry the theme to your reception halls wrapping the backs of all your chairs in matching tulle bows.

An enchanted aisle is created with taut tulle swags tented between the pews. Vision created by Bobbie Wheat in for a Texas Bride.

from Ronsho’s flickr stream

All different types of canopies and gazebos look gorgeous draped in tulle netting.

At the reception tulle makes an adorable tutu around the desert table or gift table. You could even use this detail at a similarly themed bridal party. This party was created by Donna from Fabulous Fetes in DC.

Our favorite way to use tulle is in ceiling drapes. They create such an ethereal effect! This magical ceiling was captured by photographer Mariz Ungson at a Mall Complex in Dubai. You can see how gorgeous this would look atop a reception hall!

Here the lights were placed within the tulle swags. Then the fabric and lights was reused as a backdrop behind the wedding parties table. They even tied in pale green tulle bows for each chair back. So soft and pretty.

Bring some drama to the party with reverse tented tulle.

If you weren’t enamored by the idea of using tulle netting for your wedding before, we hope you are now! We’d love to see how you’ve been inspired by this super affordable fabric. Share your pictures with us on facebook and join in the conversation.

Fabric Embellished Outdoor Wedding

Even the simplest outdoor weddings can come alive with strategically placed fabrics. Tents transform into a romantic oasis and your guests are magically transported to your ideal setting. Even if the wedding is actually taking place in Mom and Dad’s backyard.

A simple frame construction can easily be draped in billowing fabric to create this kind of drama. We love the use of striped fabric running vertically. Try out our Dream Slub Taffeta Fabric for an equally airy yet dramatic feel. Photograph from Simple Splendor Photography.


Skip paying for side walls that obstruct the beautiful scenery. Instead, add fabric columns tied in romantic bundles. Accent with flowers for added effect. Photography: Thayer Alyson Gowdy



Here is another beautiful example where the light peach chiffon was carried across the roof of the tent and down the side.


If you have someone in the family who is handy with a sewing machine, sew the extra fabric together to create a pretty hallway from your tent to the house. Photograph: Orange Turtle Photography

Skip the tent and just rent the frame. Then you can decorate to your exact specifications with softly draped fabric. Notice the extra fabric added to hide the house. A regular garden party was created out of thin air, or thin fabric.


Even a barn wedding becomes magical with the right fabrics. Vit a Pongee curtains frame the entrance to this wedding in an elegant way.

With the right fabrics, any wedding can become a magical event!

Red Weddings: It’s All in the Details

Red is expected to be a big color in weddings for the 2012 season. And why not? It is the color of love after all. While some brides may take this trend to the extreme with red dresses, we prefer a touch of the signature color.


Red bridal shoes are a perfect example. Here are some other ways to work red into the details of your wedding.


Red table runners stand out in stunning relief against white table cloths. If you can’t find red chairs, try red chair covers to carry the theme.  A simple red poplin fabric would work perfect for both the runner and chair covers.

Red chair bows do an easy job of pulling in the color, as seen here in an Alice and Wonderland themed event. This table is so decadent mixing gold, silver, black, and red. The Queens Road Embroidered Taffeta would make a lovely addition to this party in silver or gold.

This bride lucked out finding a hall that had red dining chairs. The edition of a red chiffon swag along the wedding party table and a little red puff in each wine glass is perfect. Use a bit of fabric instead of paper napkins for an added flourish.

We give a lot of attention to the table decorations. Let’s face it, that’s where a lot of fabric comes into play. But even during the ceremony a small red chair bow goes a long way.

Coral Wedding

This is a creative color palette executed flawlessly. With actual coral as the centerpieces, soft peach, pinks and reds play beautifully together.  Double layers of peach and pink satin provide a sound foundation for the tables. Then your eye is drawn upward to the centerpieces followed by the lighted ceiling drapes.  Here the red is brought back in with a dramatic flair. Found on Onida Cruz‘s event blog.

Another version of dramatic red ceiling drapes can be seen here. We love the use of two red swags against a white tent. It stands out in an elegant way.

All these red details would mean nothing without the fabrics that surround them. These secondary shades are what give the red accents their punch.When selecting your red fabric accents, consider what colors you would like to see around them to bring your theme together.

Gymnasiums transformed for Receptions

You may not think of a gymnasium as the right place for your wedding. But just think, built in dance floor! We found a few inspirational shots that may help you broaden your horizons when it comes to picking the perfect location. A nominal donation to the school could land you a reception space for a steal.

When a family works together amazing things can happen. Here a gym was transformed into a serving room for the reception. All it took was some framework and a lot of Sheer Crinkle Organza! See the entire transformation at this families blog.

Here is another wedding where it looks like a tent was erected inside the gym. We’re guessing some clever fabric drapes from the ceiling could recreate this look. Bold Blue China Silk table cloths awaken the space and take away the need for over-the-top centerpieces.

This wedding took place in a church gymnasium. No transportation issues between ceremony and reception! While we would have loved to see the chairs covered, some really great fabric choices were made. The stage is covered in a white sheer fabric and the tables have double layer linens. Not bad for a gym.

This elementary school gym was easily transformed for a small intimate wedding. A fabric wall was constructed to hide undesirable areas. Then the Party Time Taffeta used in the fabric backdrop was tied back into the table linens. Photographed by Evrim Icoz Photography.

Here’s a look at how those ceilings are done. A little tulle helps to make this gymnasium over.

Multiply that same principle out with a few more yards of sheer fabric and the gym disappears.The layout is spacious with plenty of room to dance.

With a bit of ingenuity and a lot more organza, the basketball hoops were turned into chandeliers. Images found on

This last one was technically a fashion show in a gymnasium, not a wedding. The effect is an equally stunning transformation we hope will help inspire you in all your wedding planning.

Fabric Draped Wedding Entryways

A lot of attention is paid to the decoration inside your reception hall. What about the entryways and hallways connecting people to other parts of the building? Continue your theme with elegant fabric drapes to match the theme and color palette.

Here Apricot China Silk drapes cordon off the area. Then a deep purple drape, in heavier Crepe Back Satin, is used to frame the entry way. A satin ribbon sash is a simple detail that ties the entire look together. We even get a peek of the deep purple fabric being repeated on the entry table. Continue reading »

Fabric Backdrops for your Wedding

Once you’ve selected a venue for your wedding reception you’ll probably start planning out the space. We like the idea of adding an accent wall.  Especially if the existing decor distracts from you theme.


One of our favorite places for an accent wall is behind the wedding party, or bride and groom. Combining draped fabric and spot lights keeps all eyes on the newlyweds. Here they were able to use sweetheart blue satin in swags on the table and along the wall.

This pink confection frames out the cake for fantastic photo ops. Here the entire bridal party was able to get in the shot. It would also help to create picture perfect images when they cut the cake.  This entourage was captured by Henry McCoy Photography.

Here Vit A Pongee fabric is used along the wall to frame out a table of family photos.
Basic white tulle nettingis simply knotted around a string to glam up wood paneling and set the dessert table.When planning your accent wall don’t forget the twinkle lights. They shimmer through your fabric selection and add depth to the glamorous walls.