DIY Table Runners

We’ve shown you how to conquer chair bows. How about table runners? You can use the same principle and make them in “pillowcase” form. Or simply cut to length and hem. Just make sure you have an iron and lot of pins on hand to create a smooth and even hem line. Let’s take a look at some beautiful inspiration tables to help you get the ideas flowing.

Source: via Somer on Pinterest


Table runners are fantastic place to add a pop of color and texture. We’ve got a great Embroidered Taffeta Fabric with Scroll Pattern that would create a similiar effect to this purple example.


This simple antique gold poplin table runner is updated with a little ruffle on the end.


Here’s another example where the ruffle was created in a contrast color. This wedding would look fantastic if that pop color was tied back into the chair bows. This idea was sewn up by Just Sew Sassy.


If you like the idea of mixing colors, how about a Springy outdoor theme with pink and orange alternating table runners and chair bows. This theme was created by Love is in Bloom Events. Poly Silk Dupioni would be the perfect fabric to recreate a similiar theme.


Here we have a double layer of table runners to create a soft pink and tan color scheme. Long banquet tables like this are screaming for a table runner.  You can lay one on top of the other, or sew them together in strips. Photographed by Julian Beattie of Kariz-Matik.


Table runners can be just as stylish running the width of the table as the length. With this type of layout you even have room to utilize multiple patterns. The team at Merriment Event in Richmond, Virginia love to use multiple patterns within a single event.

When selecting your fabrics to create your own table runners, remember that sturdier fabrics like Poplin will be easier for a novice sewer to handle. If you’re ready to tackle anything, sheers can be a beautiful addition to your table. Centerpieces will keep the flimsy fabric in place.

Sheer Table Runner

A soft stripe like our Glamour Organza would help you create a criss-crossed design like used on this wooden table.

Have fun selecting the fabrics for your table runners. Just like with the chair covers, you have much more selection if you do it yourself.  Plus more control over your budget!

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