Wedding Fabric Pattern Mixing: Add Some Contrast To Your Affair

This black and white wedding cake is a fantastic inspiration for mixing patterned fabric within your wedding theme. We do it all the time in fashion. Why not mix up some patterns when planning the tables for your wedding?

First blogged on 100 Layer Cake, this cool California wedding mixed patterns with a modern flair. Shown here on their dessert table. That cool ‘I love LA’ ¬†fabric applique is a play on the bride and grooms name.

Mixing stripes and polka dot is a classic match.


Here polka dot place mats take on a ditsy floral tablecloth. These were used for decor8blog’s book launch party. But there is no reason this wouldn’t translate for a wedding or bridal party.

Backyard wedding uses multiple patterned fabrics with ease.

From bold to whimsical, there are so many ways to mix patterns within your wedding reception. We love the elegant design created when these two patterns merge.

Kings Road embroidered taffeta has standout scrolls while Casa Del Mar argyle taffeta is a little more demure. They can be layered together to create a sophisticated and elegant affair.

Are you planning to step out of the box and embrace patterns for your wedding? Send us pictures of the event or your inspiration. We’ll share them on twitter, facebook, and pinterest so everyone can see how creative you are.

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